Friday, May 12, 2006

naturalist griggsy

As a schyzotypal ,I am supposed to believe in the weird- the supernatural and the paranormal- but I totally find that nonsensical. I find naturalism the ism for me. I am 58 years old , a democrat-CLINTONISTA. I like reading 11 languages, exercising ,blogging , and reading. I am single.I like various kinds of music, but I hate rap and hard rock.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would you not be a naturalist as no evidence can even be possible for the supernatural?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can people believe in the supernatural without being at heard animists? Instead of worshipping the many spirits thought to be behind natural phenomena,monotheists reduce the number to one behind all natural causes,yet animism still rules their minds! They use the arguments form personal incredulity and from ignorance amongst other fallacies,particularly begging the question.
" Logic is the bane of theists." Fr. Griggs
Their arguments from angst and from happiness-purpose impels them to have this faith in one mind with intent in the Cosmos. They feel angst unless in the bosom of their dictator and find happiness and purpose for themselves in Him.
Per Lamberth's argument from pareidolia, supernaturalists use the pareidolias of teleology- directed outcomes and designs instead of teleonomy and patterns just as people see Yeshua in a tortilla.
Per his teleonomic argument, science itself funds no divine intent, and thus God cannot be Himself should He not evince intent in the Cosmos. This supersedes John Hick's epistemic distance argument that He makes things look ambiguous as far as revealing His very existence in order not to overcome our free wills. No, as divine intent does not intrude, everything comes forth as just the result of natural causes and explanations.
John L. Schellenberg makes the naturalists', whilst not one himself, response with his hiddenness argument. Later about that.

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Blogger Morgan Lamberth said...

Aquinas argues against himself with his superfluity argument: he argues that we should not add God as an explanation as natural causes are themselves sufficient. Yet, he goes on to argue against that sage observation with his five failed arguments! As Percy Bysshe Shelley observes:" To suppose that some existence,beyond or above them [ the descriptions-laws - of Nature is to invent a second and superfluous hypothesis for what has already been accounted for."
Yet, William Lane Craig and Richard Swinburne dare to gainsay the superfluity argument with their personal explanation- that empty God did it, that useless redundancy, despite Alister Earl McGrath.
Why - because they are superstitious in that they imagine that it must take a supreme spirit to be that Ultimate Explanation and Necessary Being that is neither!
Like full animists, they have the personal incredulity of dismissing natural causes so as to assuage themselves in the face of horrors and the other angsts of life!They answer with the argument from ignorance that God built it!No, they built and build them!
Pray to me! I can do as well as God, but I'm real, so I do acknowledge that I have no super powers whilst theists refuse to face reality that their higher power lacks power!
Any dissent? Any addition to why He lacks power?
I am Carneades Hume and Lord Griggs, amongst other names.

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Blogger Morgan Lamberth said...

No evidence exists that prayer works! Only another case of misinterpretation of the evidence comes forth: answered prayer is just post hoc- coincidence and theists make such rationalizations for unanswered ones!
The evidence rings against exorcisms,faith healing and miracles: they are always natural,even fraudelent. Theists just want Him as their agency of reduced animism!
Whether as god of the scientific gaps or of the superfluity- the god of the explanatory gap, God adds nothing but the personification of natural phenomena!
Why then have a one-way relationship with an imaginary friend who you think helps you find keys but permits such as the Holocaust and saves one baby but denies life to many others in plane crashes?

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